Who Is Chowder Supreme?

Chowder Supreme

4dr14nqg / Pixabay

“Ask the Doctor” where readers ask questions of  the world renounced general practitioner Dr. Charles V. Fullerton.

Dear Doctor: Did you ever hear of Chowder Supreme?  I heard my mommy talking on the phone and she said “chowder supreme… Christmas dinner… I hope he likes it.”  She knows I love Transformers and I asked for Optimal Prine for this year, but I never heard of this one before.  It is a Deceptigone?  — Craiden

Dear Craiden:  Yes. I called Santa, and Chowder Supreme is a Transformer.   He has several forms.  The first is a powerful fish-shaped robot with razor scales, his second form is a pink and purple robot with green eyes and a laser sword.  His third and final form is a delicious soup with chunks of fish, potatoes and onions.

In soup form he can splash into the eyes of the Autobots, gum up their engines, or even cause their tires to slip off the road and crash.  Chowder Supreme Attack!! I hope you enjoy your Christmas.   — The Honorable Dr. Charles V. Fullerton, G.P.

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