Tiny Guns: America’s Newest Obsession


With building  security tightening nationwide, gun enthusiasts and criminals alike have found a novel way around pat downs and metal detectors. Meet America’s newest obsession: the tiny gun.  What began as a hobby for many has now become a popular form of self defense.

These life saving minis can be carried just about anywhere.


Adult’s aren’t the only ones who love these tiny hand cannons.  Children everywhere are collecting them like pokemans.


There is a darker side to these baby bazookas.  The bullets are so tiny that they can slice right through kevlar body armor with speeds rivaling that of armor piercing rounds.  These bullets, though small, are actually 10x deadlier than your standard ammo.  9 times out of 10 a tiny bullet will actually enter the bloodstream through a vein or artery at high velocity, straight for the heart.  Once reached, the heart explodes on impact.


The tiny weapons have proved so effective, the US Army has deployed special units of Segway driving soldiers armed tinys in the middle east to finish up the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Word on the street is America’s #1 weapons supplier, Wal-mart, has plans to carry a budget friendly tiny gun and ammo set just in time for Christmas.

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