How to Convert an Old Weedwacker Into a Flamethrower

Flame Thrower

Step 1: Get an old electric weedwacker. (Preferably one your Dad finds for you on the garbage.)

Step 2: Plug in your weedwacker and cut down the longest grass you can find.  Ornamental grass works best. Make sure the grass gets all wrapped around the spinning axle part so it spins really slow.

Step 3: Don’t let off the power, spin the weedwacker until smoke starts coming out and it gets nice and hot.  Don’t worry, the grass won’t come off.

Step 4: Pour some used motor oil on the spinning part, dump it right on the axle.  This will lubricate the grass.

Step 6: Spin it some more, then get a screwdriver with a thin end and pack the grass down. Try to get the grass to come off the axle.  Don’t worry, it will never come off, this just packs it in better.

Step 7: Spin your weedwacker until it starts running really slow and almost stops.  It should be getting nice and hot by now.

Step 8: With the weedwacker turned OFF generously spray some WD-40 on the spinner.  You’d think it would loosen up the grass, but it won’t.

Step 9: Hold the weekwacker at arm’s length and pull the trigger.  Flames should shoot out at this point.  You might get three good flame throws out of it.  After that, I hope you have a bucket of water or a hose handy because you should have a nice plastic fire by now.

Congratulations! You’ve made your weedwacker into a flamethrower.  Now throw it in the trash.

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