Husband Throws up in Sink Everyday for 40 Years — What Doctors and Plumbers Find Is Astounding!

We never had no problems with our drain.  You could put anything down there and it would shoot through–no problem. I dropped a jar in the sink full of cornstarch and the glass went down the drain along with lots of that powdered cornstarch. I just turned on the tap and it went right through. That starch turns to solid when you add water, but not in our drain.

It wasn’t until about 2 months ago we started to get dark brown water coming up in the sink drain in the kitchen.  Then it was all over the floor and I said, “Oh boy this is gonna break the bank.”

I tried to put down some extra rugs to soak up the juice, but we couldn’t keep at it. We had company over and they said our floors were getting soft. We had to get the plumber to come out and look.  He said our pipes was eaten away in sections and the whole area where they were eaten away was surrounded by chicken wing bones.

I said, “What the hell are you talking about. You mean rot?”

He said, “No, they were eaten away by acid. What do you put in your drains lady?”

I says, “I don’t like what your accusing me of; we’ve never had a problem. Everything goes down. My husband throws up in that sink every night after dinner and the chunks never backed up.”

He said, “That’s your problem right there lady.  You better get that guys stomach checked out.”

But my husband won’t go to no doctor. Said it was my shitty cooking.  That I used too much oregano and expired milk. Won’t go until I threatened to doctor him.

They found he had a belly full of stomach acids because that son of a bitch was eating out for lunch every day. Buffalo wings.  And he said it was my cooking. I should have poisoned the son of a bitch.  $25,000 dollars in plumbing. They dug up my front yard.

Our dog fell in the hole and got killed.  We’re shitting in a spackling bucket for a week with no shower.  All cause that lousy son of a bitch ate them chicken wings with the hot sauce.

I says, “You better start acting right and quit eating them wings.”

He goes to Windy’s all the time now and gets them chicken nougats.  Damn chicken addict.  Our pipes is PVC now so he better not start up with that sauce again or those pipes will melt like snow.  Good thing is he ain’t come up sour in a long time. That son of a bitch.

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