10 Strange Truths from the Private Journals of…Thomas Edison

WikiImages / Pixabay

American Inventor, Thomas Edison, shared 7 strange truths about himself with EMToast (when we read his private journal)

1.  I absorbed my dead brother Samuel’s ghost when I was 17 years old and heavily into the arcane.  I am a Wizard (of Menlo Park) after all.

2.  I shall not drink fountain water.   As any vampire tale will instruct, flowing water saps the strength.  This is why no vampire will cross a river.  I only consume spring water from a perfectly still glass and through a glass straw–for elegance.

3.  Envelope glue is delicious, but addictive. A boy at my class in Port Huron licked every envelope in the stationary. He soon left school. At last report he now loiters at the post office begging for stamp licks.

4.   I will never listen to music.  How is it that the snake charmers control the snake?  I choose to remain free minded.

5.  I  never eat in the dark.  As a boy,  mother often had no dinner candles and attempted to force me to eat in dimness.  I refused.  Who knows what unseen contamination lurks in cuisine.  I will not even eat in a dimly lit restaurant.

6.  Never sleep with plants.  Although they produce oxygen during the day, many fail to realize that once the sun sets the process reverses.  These green parasites remove oxygen and all other breathable elements from the air.

7.  I do not swim in the river or ocean. Flowing water washes energy from your body.  It’s akin to rubbing an eraser on the chalkboard of your very being.  Spend too much time in the water and your mind will be nothing more that a smudge of chalk dust.

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