All the Robots Are Wiping Now

robot photo
Stephan Himmel the renowned futurist who since the 1950’s has predicted such inventions as Automatic Coffee Pots,  Portable Fans, Cordless Phones and Ibuprofen has penned a new book All the Robots Are Wiping Now.  In it he posits that within 50 years robots will become so similar to humans that they will even have systems with functions similar to our own human bodies such as defecation and urination.  This theory including robot droppings consisting of oil pellets and metal shavings is particularly fascinating and has caused quite a stir on social media.

 On a darker note, Himmel believes that in the near future, direct human contact will be outlawed in many countries.  According to Himmel, “As a society we are slowly pushing our human friends and family out of our real lives and into the virtual reality via technologies such as social networking, texting, and video chat. These tools provide an illusion of connectedness, yet we are actually disconnected.  Many of us spend less time with our loved ones than we do brushing our teeth.  Most people are spending the majority of their time alone and on their smart phones.  This is only the beginning as virtual reality technologies will soon arrive and eliminate the need to physically leave your residence to experience life.  Additionally due to the uptick in highly contagious diseases, governments will begin country-wide quarantines where leaving the home is not allowed without permit. Environmental factors such as pollution and the upcoming 2030 ice age will also make the outdoor environment extremely uninviting.   We are looking at a world where spending time with others may not only be less desirable, it may actually become illegal.”

All the Robots Are Wiping Now is due to be released soon in our Local Area bookstores.  Please check the shelves.

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