Are UFOs Hiding in Front of the Sun Where We Can’t See Them?

 sun spot photo
This is “Off the Clock” with Anthony J. Booze.  AJ Booze asks residents in our local area questions they rejected at his real job, 1013 KEMT News Radio. You never know where AJ Booze will pop up off the clock.I was recently approached by one of my sources at a prominent British UFO research group to look into a rumor that he heard that UFOs are hiding in front of the sun so we can’t see them.I decided to visit the telescope section at Best Buy to find out what the informed public thought about it.

I asked 56 year old Remy who was browsing the Starwatcher scope if he thought the sun saucers were  there. “Gracious better believe it. I heard that once recently.  Each time I ever endeavored to get a decent look at the sun, I came back with those spots.  I wager the sun spots are the UFOS.  Conceivably they shoot lasers back in case you look at them also.”

James J. Hicks, 46 went the other way.  “Sir.  There are no UFO’s.  We are distant from everyone else in this forsaken universe.  Don’t believe the hype.  Outsiders don’t exist.  There is nobody observing us.  The sun would give no safety to that kind of danger.”

There you have it folks.  I still don’t know if the UFO’s are there or not, but I’m going to take a nice healthy stare at the sun today to see what I can see–off the clock!


Photo by herbraab

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