Are Chocolate and Vanilla Part of Big Ice Cream’s Flavorist Agenda?

ice-cream sundae photo This is “Off the Clock” with Anthony J. Booze.  AJ Booze asks residents in our local area questions they rejected at his real job, 1013 KEMT News Radio. You never know where AJ Booze will pop up off the clock.

Starbucks has been in the news lately with their “Race Together” campaign that encourages  workers to discuss race issues with their customers.I don’t know about you, but my mother taught me it’s not polite to discuss, race, religion, or politics in public so I’m staying far away from that one.

It did get me thinking though about chocolate sundaes, vanilla syrup and flavorism in ice cream shops.

Every ice cream shop in our local area offers chocolate sundaes with chocolate syrup, but none has a vanilla sundae with vanilla syrup.  At first I thought this was because vanilla syrup didn’t exist, but it turns out, Vanilla Syrup is a product.  It’s just that nobody uses it for sundaes.

I wanted to know why so I hit the ice cream parlor’s at lunch time to ask the question “How come they don’t have vanilla syrup?”

I asked Rhonda a teacher, what she thought, “Excuse me mama, I notice you’re having a chocolate sundae.  Why don’t they have vanilla sundaes?

She answered, “Vanilla sundae? That is sickening and detestable. I do not consume that. It has no flavor.  It does not have a taste. Vanilla is the water of dessert. Vanilla syrup is no better than tree sap.”

Then I asked Calvin Hanes, a corporate administrative assistant the same question.

He told me, “I would have a vanilla shake. That is great. Furthermore the vanilla frozen yogurt is alright with sprinkles, but Vanilla ice cream with vanilla syrup? No chance. That sounds excessively exhausting.”

I guess that answers it.  Seems like no one has the taste for the no-taste vanilla.  See you off the clock!

Photo by roboppy

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