If You Read One Article about Hoarding, Read This One

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Ask the Doctor” where readers ask questions of the world renounced general practitioner Dr. Charles V. Fullerton.

Dear Doctor? How do I know if I’m a hoarder? — Piled High

Dear Piled High: Do you save paper plates that you already used?
Do you store more than 15 empty chinese food containers?
Is it difficult to walk through any part of your home?
Do you own hundreds of Nintendo cartridges you’ve never played?
Do you collect buttons?
When you empty your vacuum, do you keep the full bag?
Do you have more than 50 canned goods items?
Do you have more than 10 boxes of cereal?
Do you have more than 50 rolls of toilet paper.
Do you have an old car rotting in your garage or yard that has not been driven in more than a year?
Do you have more than 25 pairs of shoes?
Do you have a collection of urine or feces jars?
When your spider plant has babies, do you keep them all?
Do you have more than 2 copies of any of the following books: Lolita,  The Big Sleep, A Farewell to Arms, Altmann’s Tongue, The Stranger, Death in Venice,  The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye?
Do you have more than 15 plates yet live by yourself?
Do you have more phone cords than phones?
Do you have 4 or more spare tires for your car?
Do you have more than 100 DVD’s that you have never watched?
Do you save magazines after you read them?
Do you have several thousand sheets of blank paper in your home inventory?If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you are  a hoarder.

Photo by Plutor

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