I Came up Sour. Your Eyes Will Drop to the Floor.

nervous photo

The boys heard that the new assistant store manager, was married to a lunch lady at their old grammar school cafeteria.  They also heard that he used to be a store manager, but had suffered from a nervous breakdown and was demoted.  The alleged breakdown had him in the parking lot jumping from hood to hood of customers cars and yelling, “Choo Choo Train! Choo Choo Train.”

A weak neurotic man, with curly hair and glasses showed up soon after with no ability to prove those rumors untrue. It was his first night on the job. As he began to instruct the boys which aisles needed to be stocked for the night, he began gulping and wretching, and threw up into his own mouth.  With a red face, he choked the vomit  down and swallowed it.

“Oh, excuse me.  I came up sour,” he said.

Since 1989 the boys still have not forgotten those words.

Photo by net_efekt

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