Stay back Lozaq, I’m going into the future!

Dog Shit Child Molester

Lozaq the father lived next door to us.   He looked like a gentle child molester with light dog shit colored hair, and sadly he was the most normal of the family. The second most normal was the grandfather.  He a futuristic old man in a silver shining jacket, space boots and a cowboy hat.  He was born in 1900 and as a boy he said “I’m going into the future.” 

The mother was a screechy garble mouthed witch. The two daughters were dirty blonde.  They had actual dirty blonde hair, not the kind you’re thinking of.  There were plenty of sores on their skin to go with that.  

Someone had written FUCK in Elmer’s glue on the green concrete foundation of the house and it’s been there for more than 20 years even if they did try to cover it up with vinyl siding.

Wisely,  our father told us years later when the house was condemned, “Stay outta there. There’s AIDS crawling up the walls.” 

The Lozaq’s had a dog names Snoopy. The poor thing stayed outside all year long chained up to a doghouse of the same style as the one in the comic strip.   

Years after the house was condemned I was clearing out a section of the overgrown yard to use as a parking spot.  Snoopy’s doghouse was still there, with Snoopy inside.  A few bones and a collar.  Poor little guy had died alone and been left there all those years

I’m not sure where any of the Lozaq’s ended up, but my hope is that they met the same fate as poor Snoopy.  Just a few piles of rotting bones laying in a box somewhere forgotten.

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