Two Drops To Guppy Heaven


Back then you could buy a tankful of feeder guppies for just a few cents.  You could pick up an old fish tank out of the garbage, fill it with some gravel, throw a couple plastic army men in there, and have yourself  a genuine aquarium.  

Dad will tell you that if you breed them you can get fancy guppies. Guppies give birth to live babies.  Hundreds of them.  You may find one golden guppy that is your favorite.  He might grow up to have a fancy tail.

Don’t listen to your Dad.    You’ll believe it, when he tells you that adding two small drops of Clorox bleach will be good for the tank.  The chlorine will clear up the water, but when every fish comes up dead, it’s going to be your fault.  He’ll just tell you that you must have used too much bleach and it’s your fault they’re dead.

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