Mountains Like White Maggots

A modern day translation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story Hills Like White Elephants

Hill related Ebrol long valley and white. No, there was no shadow, hanging between two lines of rails in the sun next to the station and train station nearby trees, in the shadow of the building on this side of the curtain strings of beads and not warm bamboo flights, Bar open Saturday, he and the girl in the shade outside the United States and construction of the table. It has a very popular, 40 minutes express train from Barcelona. About two minutes later, Madrid, I stopped
at the intersection down.

“How can we do this? Nomo” said the girl. If you have a hat that is on the table.
The man said: ” It’s very hot. “Whoever will drink beer.”  and in Munmak “servezas.”
Doors, women? “Large”.
“Yes, two giant”
Woman I have two feelings and two glasses of beer. I think in a beer glass on the table, she saw a man and a girl.

The girl on the mountain line. His country brown and drying in the sun, it was white.

“They look like white maggots,” she said.

“I saw,” I drink beer guy. “No, not you.”
“It is possible that they are,” he said. “I think it does not prove what you say when you say.”
The girl looked sheet. She said something to draw “What to say?”.
“Tarot Dell Esther drink.”
“Try us?”
Through the curtains were called “Listen.” Prevention wife.
“Four Roles”
He said: “We want two Tarot Dell”.
Water? ‘
“Do you want water?”
“I know,” she said. “This water is good?”
“That’s okay.”
The woman asked, “And what about you? Want watering.”
“Yes.  Water and   Girl”
“Animal taste like put down the bottle.”
“That’s what-have.”
Girl, “Yes”
He said. “Taste everything. Waited for so long the animals, all of you, especially absinthe.”
“Oh, I quit.  You begin,” she said.
” I was amused, fine lately”
“Okay, I’ll try and have a good time.”
“I said it’s not clear. Berger, I try, I like white maggot, is not it?”
“Not much”
“I want to try in the 9 o’clock position, and everything we do drink,and I can not see things and try new drinks”
“I think so.”

The girl at the top of the mountain.
“I have a beautiful mountain,” she said. “Through the trees that are me.”     “It looks like a white maggot, which  means that the color of their skin, really”
“Got anything to drink?”
“It’s very good.”

Wind heat beads table kurtain against blew.

The man said, “Cold, and good beer.”
The girl said, “It’s amazing.”
People say, “Gout is a very bad job. It does not really roll at all.”
The girl looked the ground to stab feet.
“Disturbed air as long as you do not know.”
The girl said nothing.
“You and I stand together, all the time, you have nothing, air, and that will be all natural love.”
“This is how I did it, huh?”
“Then we make love.”
“You do what you think it is?”
“I feel that the only thing we love.”

Girls use two string beads through the curtain to see, to get involved.
“I think it will be fine, we are very glad that you did.”
“I know we did not have to worry about … I have a lot of people, and did not do so.”
“Girls,” I said. “They are all satisfied and…”
“Well,” said the man, “as long as you want, but … would not .. it, if you do not do, but it can happen I know it very simple”
“If you really want to do?”
“I think the best thing to do if you want, I can do it.”
“If it is not, you love me, you will be satisfied because they come”
“Now, you know I… I love you.”
“I know, but if that is not to say that I like the white maggot, again, it’s a good idea, love?”
“Now, if you love me, but I think about it … I just can not be with you. Know me, I’m very concerned.”
“I do not care what you wait until now?”
“This is very simple, you do not have to worry.”
“When I got it, I do not mind, please.”
“What will you do, what do you mean? Do not worry about me.”
“Well, I care about you.”
“Oh, they all go smoothly. So much so, but I do not care about me.”
“If you feel that way, I do not.”

She got up and went to the station at the end. On the other hand, the fish, it is a field of grain and trees along the shore. Distance, across rivers, mountains. Cloud shadow cross, saw the river through the woods.
“You can have all of us,” she said. “All of us, we can not affect it every day.”
“What did you say?”
“I said, and we can have everything”
“We have everything.”
“No, I can not.”
“All we are”
“You can go anywhere. No, we can not.”
“No, we are not our own.”
“It’s us.”
“No, I did it when you were never coming back.”
“But they can not be removed.”
“We’re waiting for the show.”
He said shadow back, “I think Sun.”
“The girl said:” I do not want in any way. Know something one”
“I want to do something you do not want to give you.”
Besides, it’s not a good thing for me, “she said,” I know that we have a beer? ‘
“Well, you understand.”
“I understand,” she said.
He said: “We can not, we can talk about, stop?”

Sitting at the table, staring at the distant mountains on the dry side of the valley, see table.
“We remember you,” he said, “if you want to get completely ready all the way, this is when you are going to give you, I do not want to say,”
“We do not mean that it is not.”
“It is not, of course, I do not want anyone but you … I was someone else, I realized that you know that it’s not easy.”
“Yes, I know, it’s very simple,you say, I do not know.”
“What are you doing to me?”
“I want to do it for you.”
“Please, please, please, please, please, please, please stop talking about you.”
He said nothing, I saw a bag hanging on the wall of the station. They do not have any labels from the hotel overnight.
In addition, you do not want me, “he said, “I do not care about anything.”
“I cried,” she said.

Feeling over hinges and two glasses of beer and gave him a moisture pad on top.
“This train is in five minutes,” she said.
Asked the girl: “You said what?”
“Train five minutes.”

Resignation of a beautiful girl, a woman with a smile.
The man said: “I think that the good side of a packet station. Smiled at him.
“Yes, and then return.” In putting together complete beer.
He made two heavy bags, and more tracks near the station. He looked down the road, I see a train. At the time when

He went to the bar to wait for a train. I saw a man drink in the bar or in the office. Waiting for the train.  Kralegordyn, he sits at the table and smiled at him.
“What is a good mood,” he said.
She said: “I’m feeling good.” “I was wrong, I’m fine.”

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