September 27th is National Bat Brushing Day

national bat brushing day

This little known day of celebration gets bat owners and bat lovers alike a chance to celebrate their little flying friends.

Ginny Glamerspeil of Tempe Arizona, Chairperson for the National Society of Bat Lovers, says that, "Bats really are a misunderstood creature they do so much good for us, they eat mosquitoes and that is a good thing otherwise everyone would be walking around with malaria all the time. I’m so sick of people thinking that bats are going to fly down and get stuck in their hair or that they are going to get rabies or turn into vampires, that is just ignorant stuff people."

People across the nation will be getting those dusty old bats out of the attic and giving them a good brushing on September 27th. Join in the fun, grab a bat and a brush.

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