Stripper Branded with Diarrhea Tramp Stamp

Diarrhea Tramp Stamp

Claritza was a young pretty stripper.  She supported her family on the earnings she made in just a few nights pole dancing a week.  One night she got a little too drunk after work and decided to get a tattoo.  The tatto artist made a pass at her.  She rejected him meanly by saying,  “I don’t fuck scumbags.”
She then made the worst mistake of her life.  She shit herself and passed out on his couch.  When she awoke in the back of a pickup truck in the Foodtown parking lot across town, her back bore the word Diarrhea.

Too embarrassed to press charges, Claritza’s family now suffers in poverty.  She is forced to work at the local Foodtown bagging groceries and being very careful not to bend over and reveal her Diarrhea tramp stamp.

A stockboy caught a glimpse of it and now he’s blackmailing her every other night she’s “visiting” him in his parent’s basement to keep her secret.

The moral of the story is:  Don’t be a mean alcoholic stripper who shits herself and passes out in a tattoo parlor with some guy who you are lucky didn’t kill you instead of permanently embarrassing you for life with a tattoo that if you weren’t so poor you could cover up with a garden full of unicorns and fairies or whatever shit former strippers are into.

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