Werewolf Sighting: Boy Poisons Creature with Antifreeze

Poisoned Werewolf copy

MEDFORD, WISCONSIN – An area boy told local authorities he was able to fend off a werewolf attack Friday night using nothing more than a gallon jug of antifreeze.  He was reportedly walking to the barn to complete his nightly chores, when a creature rushed him. Quick thinking, the boy grabbed a nearby gallon of antifreeze and dumped it on the concrete walkway.  The boy told authorities he knew antifreeze was poisonous to dogs, and they cannot resist drinking it.  “Prestone’s sweet to them, like Kool Aid,” said the boy “And the wolfman got on all fours and  lapped it up just like one of the hounds drinks from a puddle.”

The body of a teenage girl who had disappeared earlier this month was found nude at the location. The boy claims she changed back to human form after drinking the deadly Prestone cocktail. In a possible related incident, the boy’s father has also disappeared.  Area officials are investigating whether there is any connection to the incident..

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