The Good Old Days of Spam

Mr Popular

Spam has changed.  It used to be a lot more fun.  Messages about discount watches, and viagra, and 13 foot ejaculation used to be followed with large blocks of wondrous and nonsensical text.  Text that was used for artistic ventures such as spam poetry and spam radio.  But that’s so 2003.  I barely even see spam anymore and I get the feeling the spammers have given up.  They don’t feel creative anymore.  Their spirits broken by increasingly good spam filters.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the good old days of spam, why not check out some of the best of spam radio at

Here is an excerpt of what you will find there.

“Wilma sucks a beast – Very explicit, yet full of romance.
13ft ejaculation – Who knew that distance was so important?
Camgirl – All sounds very innocent.
Roll up, roll up – Free free free free free.”

Creative Commons License photo credit: JasonRogers

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