Officer Dodges Bullet, Kills Baby


With the new fall tv season just ready to go, my REM sleeping mind has decided that my own personal broadcasts are ready to go back on the air.  Last night’s episode was a good one.  The beginning was a little slow, not really worth mentioning.I wasn’t paying too much attention to the middle of the show either, but the ending was insane.

The show finale involved a large group of criminals escaping from the scene of a crime.  You know the drill.  People running everywhere, scattering into separate escape vehicles.  One hardened criminal drove away with a woman hanging on the side of his door.  She wasn’t even involved in the crime, just an innocent bystander.  Scared by the gunshots, she wanted to get away anyway she could.   The next shot was of the woman still hanging on the outside of the car, only now the criminal and she were in the middle of an intense lip-lock session.  In a show of love, the criminal took her hand, he moved his hand in a way that they held his weapon together, aiming at the office driving the police cruiser behind them.  He was trying to bring her into his world. make her like him.   She accepted, not thinking of the consequences.  The man squeezed her finger, firing the weapon at the officer.  The officer ducked, revealing in the back seat behind him a woman and her baby which the bystander has just been forced to shoot.

Can’t wait to see what happens next episode.

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