Gratitude: A Failed Endeavor

So …I was like yeah I’m going to read this inspirational article about gratitude and learn something and maybe see the world as a better place. You know, full of sunshine and roses. I actually hate both of those things, so that right there should have told me this endeavor was doomed to fail.

I just could not get past what she said in the first 2 sentences.

“Yesterday, while praying in the Ganges River, my purse got stolen.”Standing in The Holy River Ganges, praying up to my neck in her healing waters, the outside world felt as if it had stopped.”

Hold up right there! Why the hell would you go stand in the Ganges up to your neck?!
Bitch, dead bodies float down that thing in the same quantity as cars on city streets, not to mention all the piss and shit. You’re gonna get a diseases, bad diseases!

I will say this article did make me aware of my gratitude. I am very grateful that I’ve never come back from a vacation with a bad case of cholera from swimming in the Ganges.

Their tourism board should market swimming in the Ganges with dead bodies the way they do swimming with dolphins.

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