Miniature Cockroaches: The Blood Parasites Infecting Our Local Area

By: steve lodefink

Miniature cockroaches twenty times tinier than bedbugs have been discovered in our local area.  Scientists report the pests are not visible to the human eye.  They believe the runty roaches were genetically engineered by the USSR in 1986.

The insects are unkillable and can infest both human and animal bloodstreams.  Once inside their host, they eat the red blood cells causing anemia and their excrement causes blood clots.

Typical blood infection occurs when the roaches gain access to the host’s food supply.  The teeny terrors remove all nutrients from the  food, and through ingestion enter the host’s body.  Some food experts believe the roaches are probably attracted to the smell gluten produces in the bloodstream

The hapless hosts are unaware that their food had been contaminated as the texture and flavor remains largely in tact although all nutritional value has been subtracted.

Malnutrition and anemia start within the first week.  Hosts will begin showing symptoms of anemia or blood clotting such as fatigue, weakness, pale skin, dizziness, chest pain, cold hands and feet, swelling of arm or leg, red or blue skin discoloration, arm or leg warm to the touch.  It is usually  only then that they realize there is an issue. Hosts normally don’t survive more than ninety days once infested.

The good news is Doctor Charles V. Fullerton believes he has discovered the parasitic roaches’ weakness–Garlic Lemon Shrimp!

Dr. Fullerton advised, “Ingest 1/2 lb of Garlic Lemon Shrimp three times daily.  The powerful combination of omega-6 fatty acids from the shrimp, pantothenic acid and vitamins from the lemon, and allicin from the carlic form what I call the “RAID Cocktail” because it get’s rid of roaches quick.  After only a few days of treatment the host will show signs of recovery.   After two weeks fully cured.”

Pest control companies are advising that standard roach removal and prevention methods do work even on the tiny versions.

Experts advise all residents in our local area to take the following preventative steps to avoid miniature roach infestation:

  1. Garlic. Lemon. Shrimp.
  2. Borax covering everything.
  3. Don’t be disgusting.
  4. Don’t leave food or crumbs out.
  5. Watch for health symptoms.


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