Tasers Banned after Intestinal Explosion Burns Hot-Wings Champ during DUI Arrest

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Deerface, Iowa — Two officers and a college student remain in critical but stable condition after an arrest gone wrong.   23 year old Devon Samperson, 2015 Hot Wing Champion of Deerface, Iowa left a hot-wing eating contest with a blood alcohol level of .438, more than five times the state’s legal limit.

Samperson was advised by bar patrons to not drive which resulted in a fight and the owner calling local area police.  Before leaving the establishment where the contest was held, he crashed into a light post where his car became lodged.  When officers arrived on scene, Samperson was combative.   He was found squatting next to his vehicle, defecating on the street and screaming incoherently.

Officers tried to restrain Samperson.  A struggle ensued and two officers strangled Samperson on the ground.   At some point during the tussle, Samperson was tased by one of the officers which investigators believe caused a flash explosion.  Two officers were sent to the hospital with severe burns to their lower legs and faces.  Samperson suffered third degree burns to his back, thighs, buttocks and testicles.  A small shed was also set ablaze during the explosion.

As officers tased Samperson, the spark ignited a cloud of methane gas emmited by Samperson due to the intestinal distress of winning the hot-wings eating contest and fumes from numerous alcoholic beverages.  The police dept is investigating the incident.

Police are asking for anyone with information or cellphone footage of any kind to please contact the Deerface Police Department Hotline at 1-888-Der-Face.

A spokesperson for the Deerface Police Department stated, “It is a miracle more people were not injured in the incident.  Hopefully someone will come forward with a video.  There was quite a crowd gathered that night.  We need to learn something from this incident for the future safety of our officers and citizens of the community.  The human bodily functions were definitely a factor in tonight’s blaze and it’s not something we would ever think could happen.”

Samperson will be charged with D.U.I. and resisting arrest.  Further charges are pending.

The safety of taser use has come into question in recent months.  Another incident that bares and eerie resemblance to Samperson’s incident occurred in Chesterfield County Virginia earlier this year.  A man involved in a motor vehicle accident was tased and his clothing ignited due to possible contact with gasoline from the crash.

All use of Tasers by Deerface Police Officers is temporarily suspended until further notice from the Mayor.

A spokesperson for the manufacturer of Tasers was not available for comment as they were never contacted in the first place.

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