GB Boy Color: The Backlit Gameboy Color Nintendo Never Produced

GB Boy

If you want to back into Gameboy games, don’t bother buying a used Nintendo Gameboy of any model.  Those things are too dim and will break your eyes. 

You want to enjoy those great old Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on a modern screen, so grab yourself a  brand new GB Boy Color.  This is a backlit Gameboy Color knockoff with a screen better than any Gameboy Nintendo ever released.  It’s made by KongFeng, has about 60 build in games, and runs all original Gameboy and Gameboy Color cartridges on a great looking modern screen.

The a cheapest reliable place I’ve purchased these from is Ola Brasil on Aliexpress You can buy one there for $25.99 plus $2.11 for shipping which takes a few weeks.  They go for much more on Ebay and other sites.  That’s less than you can usually find any used Gameboy for.

See below, there is no comparison between GB Boy’s backlit screen vs the original Nintendo Gameboy, Gameboy Color or even Gameboy Advance.  The sizes are off, but just check out how nice and bright the GB Boy color on the right is.


The D-pad isn’t quite as good as the original models, but it’s good enough and the improved screen more than makes up for it. 

I’ve found this is the cheapest and best looking way to play those old Gameboy Cartridges.  Unless you are a Nintendo purist, check it out.  Enjoy!

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