Easter Egg Found in C64 Game After 30 Years


This is “Tattling with Tanya” Calumny  the hallucinatory gossip columnist.  Tanya is a proud Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome survivor which gives her special expertise in fabrication, detraction and defamation.

Have you heard the latest? An Easter egg image referencing EMToast.com has been discovered in the 1985 Commodore 64 computer game Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  The discovery has has video gamers and EMToast staff baffled.

Toastmaster, a primary contributor to EMToast stated, “I played Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  It was a weird C64 game.  My uncle gave me a pirated copy on floppy disk.  I don’t recall seeing any EMToast anywhere in there.  Could it have been in my subconscious?  I don’t see how. I doubt it could be real.

In that game, you just walked in and out of doors opening cabinets and collecting cassettes and floppy discs and hearts and crosses.  Then they’d throw you into some weird mini- games where cupids were shooting at you or something equally odd.  I never figured it out or finished it.  I can’t imagine how EMToast could be in there.  It makes no sense.  I mean that game was so strange anything could have made it’s way in there, but they didn’t even have websites back then, did they?  This is fake right?  Totally Photoshopped.”

It turns out, there were .com did exist at the time.  The first dot com site was actually registered on March 15, 1985 by Symbolics, a Massachusetts computer company. The C64 game Frankie Goes to Hollywood was released on August 1, 1985 so the timing is possible.

The game was developed by Denton Designs 1985-1994 a UK game developer also responsible for C64 classic The Transformers based on the popular cartoon. (Videos for both games embedded below story)

Mysteriously, none of the the original founders of Denton Designs Steve Cain, Ally Noble, John Gibson, Karen Davies and Graham “Kenny” Everitt could be found for comment or clarification.

The easter egg image can be found by inserting an in-game floppy disk found in the kitchen cabinet into an in-game computer system while the Commodore 64 clock is set to September 6, 2008.  At this point, the game freezes and the above image appears. Interestingly September 8, 2008 appears to be the date EMToast came online with it’s first post “Fucked up toast is born.”

Does EMToast have a time machine? Are they somehow connected to Denton Designs? What did EMToast mean in 1986?  What does it mean now?  All valid questions with few answers to be found.

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