Suicide Dogs Bring Release to Terminally Ill

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Unusual service animals are nothing new.  Helper moneys and guide dogs are a common sight in today’s society.  These incredible animals can help those with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairments with their daily routines.But what happens when you’re too far gone for a helper monkey?  The next stage is a suicide dog.  They have a kill switch command.
Yes, the most trusted service animal traditionally  used to guide the blind is now being trained with a kill switch command.Suicide dogs are sweet loving dogs, perfect for any family, until the kill switch command is given.  At this point, the suicide dog will perform it’s duty and painlessly tear the throat from it’s owner.  Rendering him or her lifeless and 100% consuming the body to destroy evidence.

Joellin G.H. adopted a suicide dog named Zeek from Helping Hands Suicide Dogs to help here disabled father in his final days.  “Helping Hands was great.  Zeek,  was already trained.  He lived with our father for nearly 2 months before we  felt comfortable leaving them alone.  We went on a 2 week Disney vacation, and when we came back, Dad was gone.  We filed the report and Zeek was returned to Helping Hands to help the next family.”

Suicide dog advocates recommend leaving the suicide dog alone with the patient and without food for at least 14 days for full evidence removal.  Then a missing person’s report should be filed with local police.  This will eliminate the possibility of the suicide dog being mistaken as an aggressive dog and euthanized by the authorities.  Most municipalities are not suicide dog friendly.

Suicide dogs are the latest response to the criminalization of right-to-die doctor assisted suicide in terminally ill patients.

Please contact your local vet for more information about suicide dogs in your area.

Photo by State Farm

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