Man Spends More Money on Toilet Paper Than His Electric Bill

filthy toilet photo

This is “Off the Clock” with Anthony J. Booze. AJ Booze asks residents in our local area questions they rejected at his real job, 1013 KEMT News Radio. You never know where AJ Booze will pop up off the clock.

You probably heard about the local area man who spends more money on toilet paper than his electric bill.  I went to the community pool bathroom to find out what people were saying about this hometown hero.

When I asked Tony on the the throne what he thought he said, “I heard that fellow makes himself poop that much because he’s anxious he’ll get a yeast disease in his guts on the off chance that he doesn’t poo like an assault rifle. RATATATATAT.”

Monique just finished wiping and said “Definitely this bitch Dana does that same crap. Her finger nails are stuffed up with that smelly dung from scratching it out of her puckered butt hole wrinkles. I hear she set up a go fund me account so she can get some metamucil and stewed prunes.  It’s disgusting and appalling.  Taking cash from poor people. In any event this fellow supports his own illness”

I caught Felipe coming out of the stall.  He told me, “He’s not a hero.  He’s not a saint  That’s sick and debilitated.  Sounds like he’s eating an excess of heros.  How much can his bill be anyway.  This is stupid and idiotic.  Get out of my face man.  I gotta take another shit.”

I guess people got sick of me creeping around the bathroom asking questions. I’m not a fan of the smell and nobody really seemed to want to talk so–See you off the clock!

Photo by U.S. Institute of Peace

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