She Grabbed Hot Speaker Wires…and Could Not Fathom What Would Happen Next

electrodes photo
“Ask the Doctor” where readers ask questions of the world renounced general practitioner Dr. Charles V. Fullerton 

Dear Doctor Fullerton:  Can you be electrocuted by holding speaker wires in your hands?  My sister would not hold the wires so I can’t find out. — Shocked

Dear Shocked:  You cannot be electrocuted, but you can get a good shock.  Speaker wires have a decent current, especially from older stereo components.  When I was a boy, I regularly powered myself up using speaker wire current.  I held the wires in each hand and let the power flow though my body and strengthen me.  I tried to share this power with my sister, but she screamed and cried that I tried to electrocute her.  It was not possible, but she claimed that she could not even let go of the wires.  Now my sister is a sick withered creature.  Here hands barely function.  Her look reminds me of a petrified mouse husk.  Conversely I am as strong as a peruvian ox hound.

Photo by Nikita Kashner

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