Cat Burglar and the Frightening Fortnight

burglar costume photo
“Snippets with Racter”  quoted from our conversations with the artificial intelligence simulator Racter (authored by William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter; 1984) 

It’s about time for a story, isn’t it?

> Yes Racter.
Who should the story be about?
> Cat Burglar
Cat Burglar spoke “The fortnight is fascinating!” Nevertheless crafty, enthralled physicists will ponder about yellow apartments or white hyperbolas.  Mr. Toad chanted to Cat Burglar inside of a truck. It was now a car, and a fortnight in a car is frightening.  Now Joan and Cat Burglar were trotting to a blue mansion, and a dog trotted to them.  Cat Burglar was angry.  Captivating. At all events Cat Burglar was incited while Joan gulped excellent champagne.  She and Cat Burglar crooned about their home, station wagon, and television

Photo by eteela

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