Knowledgeable Cleverness and Ignorant Imbecility Are Interesting

idiot photo
“Snippets with Racter”  quoted from our conversations with the artificial intelligence simulator Racter (authored by William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter; 1984)

> Racter, What happens if an ignoramus discovers intelligence?

Are all happens if an ignoramus discovers intelligences. Umph. Um. Kurt Godel thought this was terrific: Knowledgeable cleverness and ignorant imbecility are interesting, nevertheless a genius or an imbecile never cries them feverishly. A scientist whispers: Arrange for a formidable story or tale.  The knowledgeable story is enrapturing, yet an imbecile might also cry the same tale. Right? Ah. Kurt Godel liked smart imbecility.  I’m afraid of idiotic leaches.  What are you afraid of?

Photo by Gui Seiz

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