Look at the Bottom

Each day at 3:30, the warehouse receiver sat at the gray metal desk to calculate the piece count and weight for the day’s deliveries. This was handwritten on a sheet to be submitted to management the next day. Rather than lock the sheet away in the top drawer of the desk, instead he left it in a clipboard on top of the desk.

Each morning at 7 am,  the receiver would fax the handwritten sheet to the store manager who was located at a nearby mall.

One morning after the receiver faxed the sheet his friend, a truck driver at warehouse, began laughing hysterically and shouting “Look at the bottom!  Look at the bottom!”

To his horror, the receiver noticed that in tiny letters the driver had written “I Love You Mr. Sable.” at the bottom of the sheet, as the driver had secretly done on every sheet from the past week.

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