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On Oct 18, 2011 dozens of wild and dangerous animals were let loose from a private zoo in Zanesville, OH.  Most were shot and killed in order to protect the public.  Ohio is one of less than 10 states with no laws regulating private animal ownership.  This jeopardizes public safety and animal welfare.

What this incident has also brought to light is that Ohio is 1 of 50 states with zero regulation on exotic monster ownership. The following fact sheet illustrates recent monster attacks from Ohio alone.  Please help protect our monsters and the public,  support the ban on private ownership of vampires, werewolves, zombies and other dangerous creatures.


Recent Monster Incidents in Ohio Demonstrate Risks to Public Health and Safety, Human Welfare

October 2011 (Muskingum County): 48 creatures, including werewolves, vampires, Ghosts, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Moth Men, and a 3000 year old mummy escaped from a Zanesville property.

September 2011 (Green Camp): A man was hospitalized after being attacked and repeatedly bitten in the face and upper body by a  hungry vampire at an exotic creature breeding farm.

December 2006 (Tuscarawas County): A boy lost his left arm when he put his hand into a blob’s cage at his grandfather’s ranch to pet it. (See Photo Above)

August 2010 (Lorain County): A man died after being attacked by a Wolfman he was reportedly friends with and feeding. The owner’s USDA license had been revoked but 8 wolfmen, 4 aliens, 1 mothman, and 12 dinosaurs remained on the property.

August 2010 (Cuyahoga County): A 200-­-foot fire breathing lizard was found loose near a picnic area.

July 2010 (Medina County): A truck driver’s killer robot escaped when the truck went into a ditch. Troopers eventually shot the robot down from a utility pole where it was “drinking” electricity.

July 2010 (Summit County): A 4 foot miniature zombie was caught circling Summit Lake, but a larger one got away. Another undead was captured there in 2007.

June 2010 (Franklin County): A 4-­-foot Dracula was found outside a Columbus company. One of his familiars, a miniature werefolf was also found under a vehicle in Columbus in 2008.

May 2009 (Columbiana County): A 10-­-year-­-old girl visiting a friend was bitten by a nosferatu being kept as a pet and had to be airlifted from one hospital to another for treatment.

November 2008 (Marengo): A swamp creature escaped and went to the home of a neighbor who encountered the creature on his porch. The creature was shot and killed after being tracked by law enforcement officials using night-­- vision goggles to search for the animal in area swamps.

September 2008 (Mt. Gilead): A pet 20 foot swamp ape who had a history of escapes and aggressive behavior was caught and killed after the animal escaped and attacked a sheriff’s deputy.

February 2008 (Liking County): Firefighters found an alien’s deadly spawn in a pen behind a burning garage.

February 2008 (Montgomery County): U.S. marshals serving a search warrant found two Frankenstein monsters in a Dayton home, along with drugs and rifles.

November 2007 (Pike County): A pet werewolf escaped and was seen chasing cars on a roadway.

September 2007 (Knox County): The county took possession of Martians and demons, sending them to sanctuaries. Their owner had been evicted from the property.

December 2006 (Hamilton County): A man with experience handling undead was killed by his pet radioactive zombie – a former girlfriend.

October 2006 (Butler County): A man was bitten by his pet sumatran rat monkey, who he received that day. A zombie outbreak occurred shortly afterward.

July 2006 (Licking County): Three werewolves kept as pets escaped their pen and attacked a neighbor’s dog creating a were-dog.

May 2006 (Ashtabula County): A C.H.U.D escaped from a breeder, entered a neighbor’s home, and severely mauled a woman then escaped into the sewers.

2006 (Akron): A veterinarian was attacked by an ancient mummy at an Egyptian menagerie. The mummy reached outside the cage, grabbed the woman’s arm, pulled her toward the sarcophagus, and started mouthing the woman’s arm.

July 2005 (Noble County): A pet chupacabra escaped from an enclosure, jumped into a truck, bit a man, and fled.

September 2004 (Lake County): A swamp thing thought to be an abandoned pet was pulled from a pond.

September 2004 (Hamilton County): A woman was killed by an undead bloodsucker she kept as a pet.

May 2004 (Butler County): A woman put her arm into the cage of her father’s zombie, and the zombie bit to the bone; the zombie had to be shot in the head and re-killed to release her.

August 2003 (Montgomery County): Animal control officers confiscated a dancing skeleton from a private home, the second such capture in less than three weeks.

ghost snakes

August 2003 (Montgomery County): A Dayton firefighter died after being scared by the ghost of his pet African rhino viper, a venomous snake. (See Photo Above)

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