Horror Movies, Control Your Volume

My bloody head can scream louder than yours

Attention horror movie makers. Enough with the loud noises.  They are a poor replacement for talent. You probably  put those loud noises in there because you know that you are boring the audience, and you don’t want us to doze off for too long, but alarm clocks are only scary at 5:45 AM when you have to get up for work. 

Real horror is quiet.  It creeps up on you, it sticks with you for days. It is fear.

Real horror is gore.  The Blood drinking, head chopping, sharp stick in the eye kind. The kind that makes squeamish girls jump and cover their eyes.

Loud noises are only scary to parents whose child insists they want to play the drum in the school band no matter how many video games and toys you give them.   Ask any cranky old man, loud noises are not scary, they’re just annoying.

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