Black is the New Soylent Green

freshly ground black people

Pasta Tagliatelle is Black People!?!

A new cookbook published by Penguin called The Pasta Bible has some unique ingredients included in it’s recipe for tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto, such as “freshly ground black people.”

Approximately 7,000 copies of the book were printed with this ingredient listed among it’s recipes before Penguin decided to take action to remove these copies from circulation.

Jebadiah Holthrom of God’s Fundamentalist Kitchen Church said his organization was approached asking if they would like to return their copies in exchange for corrected versions. Holthrom declined the offer, and  said in an interview on Saturday,” Our congregation has bought some 250 copies of the Pasta Bible, we cook for God and we love pasta.  God does not make mistakes and you cannot correct the work of God.  I intend to try every one of the recipes and I intend to prepare them as God has intended. I make them, just as He set down the words in His good book.  It’s a Bible, a Bible of pasta, but a Bible nonetheless.  You can’t call something a Bible unless God had a hand in it. God would have smote them if  His divine hand had not been the one guiding them. God is mysterious and it is not our place to question Him. If God intends for me to eat certain ingredients who am I to ask why?”

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