Three Breasted Mother Suckles Pigs In Muddy Crawlspace

No Tooth Father

Riding scooters and yelling. The dogs, even the dogs know that these little children… are wrong.

They ride and slide and slip and scream. They have to go home. Crawl down into the basement – in the crawlspace. Lay down in the mud next to their mother. The three breasted mother, with little pigs suckling on her. And the no-tooth father eating donuts dipping them in muddy puddles. Sometimes he heats it up and pretends that it’s coffee. He has a job at the local trailer park picking up cigarette butts and smoking them as he works he feels quite happy scraping the gum off the stairways.

The children laugh at him, the normal ones. And on Fridays he gets paid. His boss comes out and says,” Hey scummy come over here I’ve got your dog bowl full of dog food. That’s a good boy now keep scraping the gum.”

They laugh. Kicking balls and saying, “Get it Jimmy! Get it Jimmy! Get it.”

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