Dell Introduces 99¢ Wireless Notebook for Back to School

Date 9/11/09
Round Rock, TX

Dell 99 Teen

  • First sub-dollar notebook offered under Dell name.
  • Just in time for Back to School.
  • No batteries.
  • Fully Biodegradable. Green to the extreme.
  • Stores over 100 pages of notes / drawings.
  • Record contact info.  Schedule meetings.  Write messages.
  • Portable.  Take it anywhere.
  • File Sharing.  Tear and share technology.
  • Endless Video possibilities with patented Flip-N-View feature.

Dirty Germs Flipbook

No noisy fans, dusty screen, or hot computer on your lap.  The Dell Notebook is the ultimate green creativity tool.

Dell 99 Comic

Dell 99 Notebook: Design, Create, Store.

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