Look Alike – Police Station Chief and His Pet Dog

Tourists must see hot spot.


When you have a dog sometimes either you start to look like your dog or your dog can look like you.  Hopefully you have a cute dog and you will become cuter.  I have a cute dog, but I never got cuter.  But I don’t think that becoming tiny and white and with a little black nose is really that attractive to anyone except for little old ladies who like their old men with white fluffy shoulder hair.  I knew this kid whose father was all covered in fluffy white hair like that.  When the mother would cut his hair, they would have to get out a razor and try to cut a shape around the front and the back of his neck to separate his chest hair from the beard and the hair on his head from his back hair.   These people were low forehead caveman types so you kind of expect them to be hairy, but this was extreme.  They also say you start to look like the person you are married to so I wonder if that guy’s mother has white fluffy hair all over her now.  When the father dies the kids will all look at their mother and say,”God you remind me of Dad, can I shave your neck to distinguish your chest and back hair?”

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