Grabbing Female Student’s Ass And Chest “No Big Deal”


A still single 50 year old man was sitting in the first row by the door on a bus on his way to the hospital to get his high blood pressure mediation.  He grabbed a female student’s butt as she was getting on the bus.  The female student was very alert and decided to sit right behind the old man to watch him closely.  Within 5 minutes, the man grabbed another female student’s butt as she was getting on the bus at the next stop.  The first victim confirmed with the 2nd victim that she was indeed grabbed and they told the bus driver about it and the driver decided to drive the bus directly to the police station to report this case.  As the first victim was getting off the bus after they arrived at the police station, the pervert grabbed her chest again.   When questioned by the police the old man argued that he touched the girls by accident because the bus was moving.  He also argued that they are not going to die by letting him grab them.

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