Instant Beauty: Eyebrows the Only Item You Need


Thin droopy eyebrows got you down?  Poorly defined bushy brows?  All that’s in the past.  It’s 2009 now, a new era in eyebrow fashion.  Tired of guys looking only at your chest? Force them to look you in the eye. Paste-N-Go is now offering a new line of thick dark luscious brows with bold edges and thick styles.  They’re easy.  Either wax or shave off the existing damaged eyebrow material, then microwave the Paste-N-Gos for 2 minutes and attach to the face.  You can even trim the edges with scissors to give them the “edge” you’re looking for, or angle them for that stern I-mean-business look.  Available exclusively at Harmon Discount Health and Beauty.

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