Rapist Viciously Beaten By Victim’s Children During Attack


24 Year old horny young man went up to the roof of his building one night trying to peak at his neighbors and saw a naked woman taking a shower in the building across the street.  Horny young man got so excited he climbed over to the next building, broke into the woman’s house, grabbed a knife from the kitchen, stripped himself almost naked with only his boxers on.

He then ran into the bathroom, held the knife at the woman’s throat and threatened her to be quiet.  Horny young man started touching the woman and put the knife down so he could take his boxers off, the woman grabbed the knife to defend herself and started screaming.  Her children heard the screaming and ran into the bathroom, saw their mother trying to fight a disgusting naked man with a knife.


The son grabbed a chair and started hitting the horny man with it and the daughter tried to beat him up with her fists.  The horny man couldn’t fight the 3 of them and he even got cut on his face and fingers by the knife, so he grabbed most of his clothes and ran, leaving only his boxers at the scene.  The three immediately called the police.  The police based on the description given and checked local hospital’s record for any knife wound patient and arrested the horny man.  The horny man confessed that he works very long hours and he hasn’t seen his girlfriend in a very long time, he was very depressed that night and decided to be a peeping tom that night, but then he couldn’t control himself and committed the crime.


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